Products + Principals

The products we carry and our principals.

Stationary & Marine Diesel Engines

Industrial Chains

MONDI Pipes and Fittings

Wellmaster Flexible Riser Main

Maintenance Machines for Diesel Engines for onboard use, Stationary Diesels and Service Workshops

Fly Ash & Bottom Ash Handling Equipment

Pollution Control

Sea Water Valve

Coal & Biomass Power Plant Boilers.

Stock : Schenk Process Group
redler : coal feeders & bulk material Handling Applications

Acid Pumps & Valves

Filter & Transformer Care Units


Precise & Accurate Technical Measuring Instruments for Power & Marine Industries

Belt Conveyor System & Components.

Waldrich Siegen Roll Grinder, Boiler, Air Cooler, Renewable Energy

Engine Protection & Monitoring Equipment

Stacker / Reclaimer &
Ship Unloaders

Japanese Industrial Machineries & Equipment

Viscous Torsional Vibration Dampers

Dust Solutions Incorporated

Mitsubishi Marine Engine





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